Hummingbird Song

Canción del colibrí // Hummingbird song

Opening of the exhibition is 15.5.2021 in Mama Reykjavík, Laugavegur 2

I will be there to hang out from 16h. You can take your instruments to jam from about 17:30. Electric Rise with Djs starts at 20:00

Exhibition runs till 15.6.2021

Welcome ❤️


This exhibition shows my communication with the space of Mama restaurant. The most of the paintings I have created while thinking about specific place in Mama. I knew where the canvas will be hanging already before I started to paint.

Then I let the flow make its impact. So the paintings are tuned directly on the spot where you can see them. But it is quite obvious they fit to many other places as they are very playful. I have enjoyed to paint this as a child’s game being curious.

Since I came to Iceland my paintings simplified mainly to black and white and has become very minimalistic. I have made mostly abstract landscapes. My last exhibition was about Reykjavik industrial architecture. I felt that the relationship between those paintings and the space of Mama would not be supportive. So when I got the offer to exhibit in Mama I got the idea of creating a „green house“ full of plants. But I did not insisted on this idea and always let the painting go the way it wants to go.

The spirit of hummingbird influenced the final look of many paintings. And one of them is inspired directly by logo of Mama as a thanksgiving to Mother Earth.

Welcome to that colourfull world, enjoy the vibes and the great kitchen of Mama.